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Elevate Your Knifemaking Business or Bring Your Design to Life at Scale.

Knife makers before machinists. 

Four years ago I was working multiple jobs, starting my own company and looking for a stable and fast way to scale up my business. Meeting after meeting I was left disappointed by engineers and machinists that either told me what I was looking for wasn't possible or simply did not understand knife making or knife manufacturing at the level that was necessary to make high quality blades. Fast forward, Dagr & Nott/ DAGR MFG manufactures for knife makers and Brands alike with unique services specific to the knife making industry. 

Our Services

Knife bevel grinding/ Machining

Precision Machined bevels consistent, symmetrical and identical from knife to knife. One of the biggest time savers behind CNC handles.  

  • Bevel Grinding 
  • Knife Contouring 
  • Edge Chamfering

Handle/Scales CNC 

The Biggest time saver.

  • 3D machining
  • CNC cutting
  • fastener/ hole boring 

Heat Treating

Precise heat treating with professional heat treaters at speeds above industry standard.  

  • Rockwell Hardness verification 
  • Exotic stainless to high carbon 
  • DCT ( Deep Cryo Treatment) 
  • 1.5 week turnaround + shipping 

80% Build 

Getting the most money for your time. 

  • Digital Design, CAD/CAM
  • Knife Machining, Contouring, Chamfering
  • Production style interchangeable scales
  • Heat treating with rockwell hardness verification  
  • Kydex sheath manufacturing 

Get started

  1. Consultation: We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your goals and challenges and which services or combination of services will help you the most.
  2. Quoting: We construct a quote specific to your design and needs. 
  3. Execution: Manufacturing begins and you get pictures of the process along the way. 

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